Our heart is to make everything at United as accessible as possible. We want individuals and families to feel welcome and have the opportunity to grow in the gifts God has given them.


British Sign Language interpretation takes place in the Arena during morning and evening celebrations.

Giant print and Braille daily programmes and selected worship song words are available from Customer Services at the event.

We have teams that support children (Our Place) and adults (Access) with additional needs, and their parents and carers (Breathe). We see additional needs as wide ranging, including mental health needs, physical needs, cognitive needs and undiagnosed needs – anything which impacts upon someone’s ability to participate.

The Our Place and Access teams provide support across the mainstream venues, including training for group leaders, providing equipment and strategies that help accessibility or providing 1:1 support. We also have specialist venues for children, youth and adults that enable worship, ministry and teaching on a smaller and specialist scale for individuals who find it difficult to access mainstream groups.

Breathe is a safe place where parents and carers can journey through their experience, with the opportunity to build relationship with one another and connect with God afresh. There are informal seminars, the opportunity for prayer ministry, and plenty of tea and cake!